VICOMTECH joins SmartFactoryEU

august 1, 2020

Vicomtech, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance, joined SmartFactoryEU as an active member in July 2020. “Vicomtech believes in the vision of a strong and stable European network to strengthen the collaboration on Smart Factory and Intelligent Industry challenges between relevant European partners. With this approach, they perfectly fit into our SmartFactoryEU concept and we are very happy to welcome them as a new member”, Peter van Harten, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at SmartFactoryEU, said.

Dr. Jorge Posada Velásquez, Associate Director at Vicomtech, added: “The Industry 4.0 paradigm requires the complementarity between a strong local action of Smart Factory actors and a connected network of partners throughout Europe. SmartFactoryEU has been created with this vision and we want to be an active member from the beginning.”

Vicomtech has an applied research profile which is very close to the demands of the manufacturing industry for challenges related to Visual Computing, Interaction, Communication and Artificial Intelligence in the context of Smart Factories. “Our work with large industries and SME, from international to local contexts, allows us to contribute to SmartFactoryEU from an applied research and innovation perspective”, Posada explained. Vicomtech also plays an active part in the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, a local ecosystem which now also has the opportunity to connect to larger networks through the SmartFactoryEU initiative.


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