Laboratories of Industry and Advanced Manufacturing for Smart Factory scenarios

The Laboratories of Industry and Advanced Manufacturing are equipped with highly specialised, integrated HW/SW solutions for applied research, demonstration and training purposes in the fields of artificial vision, virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G and Robotics with direct application to Smart Factory scenarios. These Labs enable researchers to simulate real production conditions under which they test different experiments according to the clients’ needs. Some of the available technologies are:

Machine Vision & Robotics

  • State-of-the art 2D/3D vision equipment used for both dimensional and surface inspection applications.
  • Flexible test bench with high-speed linear car for rapid prototyping of inspection lines using different artificial vision equipment.
  • Articulated robot arms which are used for applications for inspection and process control

Virtual and augmented reality

  • Immersive virtual/augmented reality set-ups
  • Projection mapping systems which enable projection on 3D surfaces in real time to assist in assembly processes.
  • Motion capture advanced equipment for Human-Robot and Human-Machine interaction
  • Optical tracking systems with 6 degrees of freedom.

Smart manufacturing

  • Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS): equipment for collection and analysis of data in real time from different field buses.
  • Configurable secured industrial networks to enable testing different production scenarios.
  • Semi-real manufacturing environments which implement discrete and continuous processes, including sensor systems and control via PLCs
  • HPC High performance computing equipment to test distributed computing environments (On premise, Edge or Cloud).

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